Product Content Strategy

A large public utility company was in the process of refreshing its online properties, and I was asked to provide the content strategy for migrating one of its public-facing websites and its employee intranet to new content management platforms. The migration provided the perfect opportunity to assess its content and determine how it could be condensed and improved.

I conducted a content audit of all 2,600 webpages, identifying what content could be archived and kept. I used analytics platforms to analyze user data to determine what content was considered valuable by users. I then conducted stakeholder interviews to get qualitative feedback on user perceptions of the website and intranet.

This information was used to develop a core content strategy that would guide the migration of all content to the new platform. The strategy was prescriptive: if existing or new content did not help accomplish the business goals identified in the strategy, then it should be archived.

Finally, I created a governance document that would guide the client’s internal team as they completed the migration following my team’s engagement with them. This document outlined the process for creating, maintaining, and retiring content, as well as who was responsible for what stage of the process.