Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.

— Abraham Lincoln


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I sometimes call myself a “reformed journalist.” True, I’ve moved on from the 7 years spent as a writer and editor to the world of digital marketing. But the lessons learned have stuck with me. I maintain a sharpened editorial instinct that can spot a good story in the most unlikely of places. I work best with a deadline breathing down my neck. I drink way too much coffee.

The focus on storytelling is what drew me into the world of content marketing. When done well, it can be just as powerful as a 10,000-word feature.

Not content just to be a good writer, I’ve made efforts to become a well-rounded marketer. Learning how to set a solid content strategy begot learning how to uncover audience insights, which begot learning how to measure content’s effectiveness, which begot learning how to optimize it. I’m always restless and always looking for a way to improve my skills.

I also make frequent side trips into the world of copywriting, because there’s nothing like staring at a blank whiteboard with the directive to come up with a creative concept. I thrive off the challenge and the ability to brainstorm cool, and sometimes weird, ideas.

Some writers thrive in long-form content; some thrive in short-form ad copy. I aim to excel at both.

Have a look around and check out some of my work. And if you landed here looking for a lumber supplier or a camping company, sorry to disappoint you.


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